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Expensive Car Brands List

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In this list, the most expensive and luxury car brands have been named, that produce some of the extravagantly luxurious cars in the world. 1. Expensive cars are more than just transportation. The average BMW (which is most expensive by far) will squeeze another $17,800 out of your pocket over the course of 10 years.

Expensive car brands list.

The G90 might be one of the cheapest cars on this list (when new, anyway), but it’s also one of the most well-equipped and unique. Brand new for 2020, it has things like assisted driving features.
Top 10 Most Expensive Car Brands In The World. Below are the top 10 list of most expensive car brands in the world at large. Kindly go through the list in other to make your choice. Below is the comprehensive list. Rolls-Royce Sweptail Sold For $13 Million
The car was introduced in 2014 and was one of the most exclusive production car programs ever envisaged in the car industry. Another expensive sports car from Koenigsegg, but well worth its place in our list of most expensive cars in the world. 16. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Top 10 Most Expensive Car Brands Ever. Here I have luxury car brands list so you can get an idea which one is in the top position right now in the world by increasing their sales values and providing the greatest horsepower ever. These brands here are not rank wise, so just have a look and choose as per your choice. 1. Bentley
We listed which brands are the most and least expensive to maintain for their first 75,000 miles on the road. As you’d expect, entry-level cars like Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda are on the cheaper end, while high-end brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW are among the most expensive.
Kantar consulting company published a list of the 100 most expensive brands in the world in 2020 (2020 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands). Of course, there was a place in it for automobile brands. So, Toyota came in first place – it took 48th position in the overall ranking as the most valuable car brand in the world.

A few high-end car companies even make expensive electric cars. Aston Martin is definitely one of the best expensive car brands. In the James Bond films, the title character often drives an Aston Martin. Porshe, Audi, and Bentley are other examples of car companies that appear on this list of the top expensive car brands.
Join us as we count through 10 Car Brands That Are Notoriously Expensive To Repair. All prices were gathered from YourMechanic. 10 Dodge ($10,600) Dodge is one of the most recognizable American brands on the road. The company is responsible for producing the beloved line of Ram Trucks, as well as popular sports cars like the Viper and Charger.
The answer is the only car brands who have a long time reliability and the best user review will be placed in this brand list. Believe it or not; luxury cars are always expensive. This list of expensive luxury car brands in 2020 will provide you an idea about how much expensive a car can be.

On Forbes’ annual ranking of the 100 most valuable brands, Amazon, Netflix and PayPal make big gains while Wells Fargo, GE and HP fall.
The main European car brands list include Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Opel, Volkswagen in Germany, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari in Italy, Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar in Great Britain. France is the proud owner of Renault, Peugeot and Citroen , whereas smaller countries like Romania or the Czech Republic own the Dacia and the famous Skoda.
With an asking price of $3 million, the Ferrari Sergio isn’t the most expensive car on our list. It is, however, one of the most highly coveted vehicles in the world, as only six were ever made.

Audi is one of the best car brands, and you can bet your last rupee that it is also one of the most expensive luxury brands that deal with cars on this planet. It is a German origin company founded in the year 1910 by its founder August Horch. It serves an international market via headquarters at Ingolstadt in Germany.. With a brand value of 14.1 billion dollars, it is at 39 th position in.
In this list, the most expensive and luxury car brands have been named, that produce some of the extravagantly luxurious cars in the world. Here is the list of top ten most expensive car brands in the world 2019. 10. Porsche. Porsche is a German based car maker. It was first founded in the year 1931 by an aristocrat called as Ferdinand Porsche.
Cheapest to most expensive: The car brands with the biggest price ranges. Matt Campbell Contributor. The confirmation of the pricing for the all-new Honda NSX – at a huge $420,000 plus on-road.

Most Japanese brands are placed high on the list with Acura and Infiniti being the most expensive to maintain. They’re still much cheaper to service than the likes of Chrysler, Volvo or Cadillac, and especially the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW which are the most expensive car brands to maintain.
Scroll through the following pages to see the car brands we review, ranked from worst to best, including the one we’ve named the Best Luxury Car Brand for 2020. Also, please note that this slideshow is strictly about which brands make the best luxury vehicles – it doesn’t cover affordable cars, SUVs, or trucks, which are ranked separately.
This information will be particularly interesting for car brand fans. We also offer a large variety of articles dedicates to the car industry and the role of car brands in our life. Interesting facts, reviews, studies, and so forth – we know everything about car logos and brands and want to share our knowledge with you.

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