Custom Made Office Desk Pad

Custom Made Office Desk Pad

1. This Desk Mat Will Keep Your Desk Clean & Tidy!

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2. DIY Custom Desk Pad (Quick & Easy)

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Today we're making our own desk pad. A quick and easy project for your home/office. It's easy to customize and very affordable! Thanks so much for watching, and let me know what other types of DIYs you'd like to see in future videos :)

Welcome to my first video on YouTube! Today, I'm going to show you how to make a simple bauble necklace. A chic and simple statement piece for everyday wear. Have fun and let me know what you think!

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3. Custom Desk Mats from Custom Envy

Custom Desk Mats from Custom Envy.

This fully customizable desk mat is perfect for work, home office and gamers.

3mm thick neoprene material with anti-slip backing
Hemmed edges for durability
Advanced printing providing bright and crisp colors
Custom print featuring your photos, text, etc.

4. My simple and budget friendly desk makeover 2023

#desksetup #ikeahacks #makeover
Finally committed to my full desk makeover and setup.

I kept a low budget in mind, mainly using items from IKEA & Amazon.

Some pieces were custom made to give a personal touch and others were on hand from years prior.

If you’re looking to redo your desk setup, this video will hopefully be your go-to guide.

Stick to the end for a cool montage.

Wallpaper featured in this video:

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Walnut Countertop |
Ekkbacken Option |
Standing Desk Frame |
Chair | link hidden by youtube
Monitor |
Monitor Mount |
Light Bar |
Power Bar |
Desk Mat | 
IKEA Drawer |
Govee Lights |
Mic |
Picture Frames |

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PRE-ORDER for Desk Pads is closed. However, I do have one Large Desk Pad available for purchase. Head here to snag it!:

This Leather Desk Pad was a quick project for my buddy Tim who recently moved up to Vancouver, WA and wanted something to spruce up his new desk set-up. We went through a couple options for leather and settled on the 6-7oz thick Chestnut skirting leather I had available from the Wickett & Craig tannery. Once the piece was all sewn up, I noticed it was a bit dry in parts and applied a coat of Smith's Leather Balm. This stuff is awesome. It's all natural and works great for bolstering the longevity of your leathergoods.

Lastly, the pad's edges were beveled and burnished for a professional look and to protect the edges.

If you have any questions about a tool, technique or material, please comment below and I will get back to you.

Here's a link to my website:

Here's a link to Wickett & Craig's website:

Here's a link to purchase the Smith's Leather Balm so you can take care of your leathergoods:

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6. My DIY Custom Wood Stained IKEA Standing Desk!

Making your own standing desk doesn't have to be complicated, or expensive. In fact, with a budget motorised standing desk from Amazon and a wooden desk top from IKEA, and a few dollars of wood stain, you can create your very own DIY masterpiece.

Products in this video:
⮕ Amazon standing desk frame:
⮕ Dell P3421W Ultrawide Monitor:
⮕ Dell U2720Q 4K Monitor:
⮕ Aluminum MacBook Stand:
⮕ Leather Desk Mat:
⮕ Logitech Wireless Mouse:
⮕ Logitech Wireless Keyboard:
⮕ Adjustable Monitor Mount:
⮕ Philips Hue Lightstrip:

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00:00 Introduction
01:18 Why Make Your Own Standing Desk?
01:50 Finding a Frame
02:55 Choosing a Desk Top
04:36 Sponsor
05:42 Staining the Desk Top
07:37 Building the Desk
08:26 Cable Management
09:00 Extras

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7. Which Desk Mat Is Right For Your Desk Setup

In this video, we talk about the differences in material (wool, matte, leather), size, and color when it comes to picking the right desk mat for you and your desk setup.

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• Wool:
• Matte:
• Leather:
• Cheaper Wool:
• Cheaper Leather:
• My Desk:

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8. Building The DREAM Workspace | 2023 Home Office Makeover

In this video, I'll take you through the complete Makeover Process of my Home Office, with the help of key products like decorative slat wall panels from The Wood Veneer Hub and wall shelves from Grovemade. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next one!

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➔ Balolo:
➔ Grovemade:

➔ Typewriter Effect:
➔ Blurry Text Effect:

➔ Lemon Squeezy:

➔ Slat Wall Panels:
➔ Walnut Wall Shelves:
➔ Wood Catch-All:
➔ Closet Hanger:
➔ Hanging Rail for Closet Hangers:
➔ Titan Pro P-60 Paint:
➔ Rug:
➔ UPPSPEL Standing Desk:
➔ KARLBY Desk Top:
➔ FJÄLLBO Tall Shelving Unit:
➔ HULTARP Hanging Pots:
➔ Kanto YU Speakers:
➔ Balolo Speaker Stands:
➔ Philips Hue Go Lamp:
➔ Bookend:
➔ Clock:
➔ Balolo Setup Cockpit (Desk Shelf):
➔ iPad Holder:
➔ Etsy Posters:
➔ MODE Sonnet Mechanical Keyboard:

➔ Desk Top:
➔ Drawers:
➔ Sihoo V1 Ergonomic Chair:
➔ Large Desk Mat:
➔ Felt Desk Pad:
➔ 16" MacBook Pro M2 Max:
➔ Huawei Mateview 28.2" 4k Monitor:
➔ Marshall Acton III Speaker:
➔ Desk Tray:
➔ TB4 Docking Station:
➔ Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface:
➔ Shure SM7B Microphone:
➔ Mic Boom Arm:
➔ MagSafe iPhone Holder:
➔ Notebook & Notepad:
➔ MX Master 3S Mouse:
➔ 12.9" iPad Pro M2:
➔ Nomad iPad Case:
➔ Enzo iPhone Case:

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0:00 - Intro
0:28 - Products
0:45 - Planning
0:59 - Clean Up the Walls
1:10 - WVH Slat Wall Panels
1:18 - Grovemade Wall Shelves
1:30 - Installing the Grovemade Shelves
2:40 - Cutting the Slat Wall Panels
3:14 - Hanging the Slat Wall Panels (DIY Method)
4:34 - Painting the Wall
5:08 - Installing the Panels & Shelves
5:40 - UPPSPEL Standing Desk
6:18 - Assembling the Desk
7:24 - Plant Decor
8:10 - FJALLBO Shelf Modification
8:40 - Kanto YU Speakers Unboxing
9:12 - Balolo Speaker Stands
9:32 - Philips Hue Go Unboxing
9:59 - Shelf & Wall Decor
10:45 - Final Thoughts
11:11 - Outro

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9. Grovemade Desk Pad Transformed my Ugly Ikea Desk! #shorts

Use discount code JSYNTAX for 10% off!

Grovemade Deskpad
Walnut or maple desk shelf system
Desk tray organizer
Wood MacBook Dock
Succulent Planter

Why Grovemade's Desk Shelf is so much MORE than a Space Saving Organizer!

#shorts @GrovemadePortland #grovemade #deskpad

10. Making A Leather Desk Pad #shorts

Check out how we made a custom Leather Desk Pad featuring an authentic cattle brand from one of our full grain leather hides!

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**Weaver is a reputable supplier of leather, hardware, tools, machinery. They are an excellent source for all your leatherworking needs:

**Amazon is a great resource with fast shipping for simple tools, materials, hardware, etc. It is a great way to test product and figure out what works for you and your designs.

-Tim Holtz Tonic Studios Cushion Kushgrip Serrated Snip Scissors:
-Strap Cutter:
-Rotary Punch:
-Rotary Punch (Economy):
-Hand Punch Set:
-Snap Off Blade Knife: /
-Olfa Rotary Cutter:
-Leather Round Head Knife:
-Scratch Awl: /

-Grid Cutting Mat:
-Stitching Pony:

-1/2 Ton Arbor Press:
-1 Ton Arbor Press:
-Cricut Maker:

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11. upgrading my cosy wfh set up! ☁️✨ new desk shelf + desk pad from grovemade #shorts 💗

12. Custom Desk Mat Review -

Custom Desk Mats from Custom Envy.

This fully customizable desk mat is perfect for work, home office and gamers.

3mm thick neoprene material with anti-slip backing
Hemmed edges for durability
Advanced printing providing bright and crisp colors
Custom print featuring your photos, text, etc.

13. Making a Stitched Leather Desk Mat & Blotter

Here's the process of how I made our stitched Buttero leather desk mat & blotter. It's made of a single layer of 6-7oz Italian Buttero leather, machine stitched, and burnished. It's also available in 13 colors and various sizes!

Get our desk mats here:

Check out our website here:

Purchase our digital patterns here:

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14. The MODERN Desk Setup 2023 – Full Tour & Office Setup!

After years of optimizing and investing my desk setup, this is finally my modern desk setup for 2023 that I’m happy with! In this video, I go over the entire planning and ethos for this space and give you a full tour of the desk and entire office and studio setup and everything that has gone into it. I hope you enjoy it and take ideas for your own setups! Setup Makeover Episode 03 // Thank you for for sponsoring this video.

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↪ Pen & Stand -
↪ Notepad -
↪ Headphone Stand -
↪ Ultrawide Monitor -
↪ Monitor Light - ↪ Chair -
↪ Laptop -
↪ Laptop Stand -
↪ G-RAID Drive -
↪ Desk Shelf -
↪ Sit Stand Desk -
↪ Strip Light -
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0:00 – Desk Setup & Office Tour
1:28 – The Space
2:04 – Color Palette
3:52 – Desk Placement
5:40 – Tech & Desk Accessories
9:03 – Productivity 2.0
10:36 – Office Setup
10:54 – Shou Sugi Ban Sideboard
11:50 – Armchair Area
12:44 – Console Table
13:30 – Artwork

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The Modern Desk Setup 2023 – Full Tour & Office Setup!

15. DIY Custom Desk Pad

Click here for more!

Hiiiiiiiii there!!
This video is on how to make your own desk pad DIY! I use my desk pad to place both my keyboard and my mouse and it looks super cute!

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