Large Modern Wooden Dining Table

Large Modern Wooden Dining Table

1. BIG SLAB Dining Table | Live Edge Walnut

Modern-ish [ LIVE EDGE ] Walnut Dining Table

It’s no secret...I love walnut. In this video, I take a beautiful live edge walnut slab that was air dried, build a slightly modern base and put it all together for a pretty unique dining table. This table was designed to fit in very specific space, so it’s narrower than a traditional dining table. At its narrowest point it measures 27” and flairs out to almost 31” at the other end. The live edge adds a unique feel and detail to the table, but doesn’t overpower the design. Are you a fan of live edge furniture? Let me know in the comments below!
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2. How to Build a Modern Dining Table | DIY Woodworking & Welding

How to Build a Modern Dining Table. DIY Woodworking & Welding
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You can build an awesome modern dining room table or kitchen table with a metal base for your house. Making your own table from rough lumber and metal base will save you hundreds of dollars. And you can get help with the lumber if needed!

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3. Woodworking Making Large Dining Table Set Design // Monolithic Wood Woodworking Skill

Woodworking Making Large Dining Table Set Design // Monolithic Wood Woodworking Skill
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4. Huge dining table wooden

5. How to Build a HUGE Round Table

Want a large round table in your kitchen or dining room but don't want to spend tons of money? Watch a learn how to build a sturdy, modern, round dining table from solid wood boards.

I also share some of my favorite woodworking tools and tips like the Beadlock Pro by Rockler - an easy and affordable way to create floating mortise and tenon joinery (instead of using a Festool domino).
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6. Dining Table: 10 Best Wooden Dining Table Set Design | Modern Dining Table Set | Top 10 Dining Set

Dining table | Dining table design | Dining table set in Wood | Latest dining table design | Modern Dining table Set | Wooden dining furniture | Trendy dining table Set |

Dining table sets have become an indispensable part of every dining room. We, at WoodenStreet, lets you make your mealtime conversations a never-ending one by decorating your dining space with elegant dining table sets composed for your comfort. Our amazing collection of wooden dining table sets features a furniture unit suitable for each and every household.

Watch Our Latest Videos :--
Best Living Room Decor Ideas 2019 | Living Room Makeover

3 Brilliant Corner Decorating Ideas

Latest Dining Room Makeover Ideas

Best Bedroom Decor Ideas | Bedroom Makeover (हिंदी में)

Steve Dining Table Set
Where a seamlessly basic design meets the contemporary aesthetics for an “oomph” factor.

Adolph Dining Table Set
Additional bench seating, slotted detailing on table skirts and vertically slatted backrests of the chairs make it an uber-chic design for home interiors.

Cambrey Dining Table Set
The floral perforations on the backrests of the chairs and at the edge of the table-skirts depict the signature look of the Cambrey family.

Janet Dining Table Set
A simplistically designed dining set infused with slender table legs and the horizontal strip design at the back of the chairs.

Ariana Dining Table Set
A simple yet sturdy dining set, crafted with beautiful carvings over the table legs. Suits best for classy home decor.

Cohoon Dining Table Set
It boasts a compact cage-like structure and has right-angled chairs which cover the corners. This design will surely put a lasting impression on everyone.

McBeth Dining Table Set
Comfortable and storage-rich, this dining set plays well to the strength of classicism and convenience.

Jaoquin Dining Table Set
This set is finely blended with beauty and durability. Where the thick legs of the table make it strong and sturdy, the chair’s long panel backrest which goes to the floor adds so much to its aesthetics.

Isadora Dining Table Set
Round-shaped and space-savvy, its high-back chair design renders simplicity at its best.

Morse Dining Table Set
With chairs having contiguous backrest, and the table sporting raised pyramids in the centre and at the edge of the table-skirts, this magnificent set is wrapped in comfort and style.

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Please watch: "latest Dining Room Decorating Ideas | Dining Room Makeover (हिंदी में) 2019 - WoodenStreet"

7. Perfect Woodworking Design Ideas With Solid Wood // Build A Large Dining Table

Perfect Woodworking Design Ideas With Solid Wood // Build A Large Dining Table
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8. Dining Table Design / Natural Live Edge Cherry Wood Slab / Woodworking

I hope someday artificial intelligence mimics my mistakes.
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9. Modern Split-Top Dining Table | DIY | Modern Builds

Today on Modern Builds, I'm building a huge, modern Dining Table. I used 2x4's for the base and 2x12's for the table top. This is a great mid-level, skill-builder project that won't take too many tools. If you plan on making this project be sure to check out the written article for all the info you need.

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10. DIY Modern Dining Table | Woodbrew

This week we are FINALLY building a dining table for Dylan's apartment. I am so in love with how this turned out, it is exactly what I had envisioned. One day it'll be in our home, so I am super happy that it''s so cute.

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11. How To Build a HIGH QUALITY Dining Table with LIMITED TOOLS // #DIY // #Woodworking

I recently got a commission from a local client to build a custom Dining Table top for a set of pre-fabricated steel legs they had previously bought on Etsy. I went to my local lumber supplier and got pre-surfaced 1.75" thick white oak to build everything out of. I spent $350 on materials and only used 3 power tools: The circular saw, Drill/Driver, and Belt Sander. "Nice projects don't require tons of tools." This is something I say all the time... practice what you preach.

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12. Building a Reclaimed Wood Top Dining Table | Modern Builds | EP. 70

Today I'll be pairing a reclaimed Douglas fir top with a maple French Farm Base from . The contrast between the rustic top made of salvaged wood and the elegant base make for a really intriguing look that I'm excited to share with you!

Huge thanks to for sponsoring this video and supporting awesome woodworking content! Check out and use the code easy10 at checkout for 10% your own EASYBASE.


My Base:
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Check out the written article for a step by step guide if you're going to build this project for yourself!

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13. Wooden Dining Table Ideas 2022

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14. Dining Table: 100 Latest Wooden dining table & chair design | Modern Dining Table Set - 2021

Dining Table Sets: Buy Wooden Dining Table Set Online in India @ Low Price⭐. Shop solid wood dining set online ⭐Upto 55% OFF + 20% Extra, ⭐Free Shipping ...

Dining Table: 100 Latest Wooden dining table & chair design | Modern Dining Table Set - 2021

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15. Modern Dining Table Steel / Tropical Wood

I needed a new dining table. First I wanted to build a simple construction but then I tell myself if I do build one then it should be something special. A Simple Modern Dining Table. The special thing is that I turned the square tubes 45 degrees to get a special look. Even I sometimes had to think twice about not cutting it wrong. The special thing is also the Tropical Wood (Wenge Hard Wood) that has been standing around with me for 20 years and I finally found a use for it. It was once again a very nice project of which I am very proud.

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