Modern Wooden Dining Table

Modern Wooden Dining Table

1. How to Build a Modern Dining Table | DIY Woodworking & Welding

How to Build a Modern Dining Table. DIY Woodworking & Welding
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You can build an awesome modern dining room table or kitchen table with a metal base for your house. Making your own table from rough lumber and metal base will save you hundreds of dollars. And you can get help with the lumber if needed!

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2. Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

Please watch our latest video: "Why are we destroying a perfectly good table?!" --~--
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I sat down to design a new dining table for my brother-in-law Jason and before I was done, I realized it was totally inspired by my time with Jory Brigham. The table has splayed legs, a large overhanging top, and bevels and tapers galore.

Check out Jory's Hank Chair Build -

Some of the Tools and Products used in this build (find more at
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3. Modern Dining Table Build | Easy Mid-Century Table

In this video I'll show you step by step how i made this easy Mid-Century Modern Dining Table. A build that i'm confident anyone can do.

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4. Dining Table: 10 Best Wooden Dining Table Set Design | Modern Dining Table Set | Top 10 Dining Set

Dining table | Dining table design | Dining table set in Wood | Latest dining table design | Modern Dining table Set | Wooden dining furniture | Trendy dining table Set |

Dining table sets have become an indispensable part of every dining room. We, at WoodenStreet, lets you make your mealtime conversations a never-ending one by decorating your dining space with elegant dining table sets composed for your comfort. Our amazing collection of wooden dining table sets features a furniture unit suitable for each and every household.

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Steve Dining Table Set
Where a seamlessly basic design meets the contemporary aesthetics for an “oomph” factor.

Adolph Dining Table Set
Additional bench seating, slotted detailing on table skirts and vertically slatted backrests of the chairs make it an uber-chic design for home interiors.

Cambrey Dining Table Set
The floral perforations on the backrests of the chairs and at the edge of the table-skirts depict the signature look of the Cambrey family.

Janet Dining Table Set
A simplistically designed dining set infused with slender table legs and the horizontal strip design at the back of the chairs.

Ariana Dining Table Set
A simple yet sturdy dining set, crafted with beautiful carvings over the table legs. Suits best for classy home decor.

Cohoon Dining Table Set
It boasts a compact cage-like structure and has right-angled chairs which cover the corners. This design will surely put a lasting impression on everyone.

McBeth Dining Table Set
Comfortable and storage-rich, this dining set plays well to the strength of classicism and convenience.

Jaoquin Dining Table Set
This set is finely blended with beauty and durability. Where the thick legs of the table make it strong and sturdy, the chair’s long panel backrest which goes to the floor adds so much to its aesthetics.

Isadora Dining Table Set
Round-shaped and space-savvy, its high-back chair design renders simplicity at its best.

Morse Dining Table Set
With chairs having contiguous backrest, and the table sporting raised pyramids in the centre and at the edge of the table-skirts, this magnificent set is wrapped in comfort and style.

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5. Building a modern dining table that's indestructible.

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How to build a dining table that's heavy AF. There’s no getting around it…this was a heavy fu*kin table. The tabletop itself for this white oak monster was built offsite because, well, my shop is too small and this thing was flipping huge. Huge thanks to True Trade Carpentry for the temporary shop space and the muscle! And I wouldn’t have been able to move it by myself anyway due to its odd shape…we even used a forklift to load it into my truck on delivery day. It was a challenge at every turn to move this thing around. And the table base…well, that was no slouch either, it had a ton of glue-ups, weighed in at 140 lbs and was quite awkward to maneuver. But in the end, it was all worth it. The table, although simplistic in its design, fits the space perfectly and should be enjoyed for many years to come. I just hope they don't move anytime soon!

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Slab Flattening Bit SF525: (MORSELS15 to save 15%)
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Medallion Maker Branding:
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Pica Pencil:
RuiTool Drill Depth Stop:
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Microfiber Cloths:
Festool CXS Drill:
Makita Trim Router:
1/16” Roundover bit:
Fastcap Tape Measure:
Festool TS55 Track Saw:
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Festool ETS/EC 150 Sander:
Black Tail Studios N3 Coating:
Threaded Inserts 1/4-20:
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Bolts 3/8-16:
Threaded Inserts 5/16-18:
Bolts 5/16-18:
Leveling Feet:

6. Super Simple Modern Dining Room Table

This is a fun build where I show you how to make a cool modern dining table with sturdy legs that look like welded steel. But they're wood. The table will seat up to 8 people. And as always...Free Plans!

*Products Used*

Portable Drill Guide:

Pipe Clamps:

C-Channel 1/8" thick 34" long:

3/8-16 threaded insert:

5/16-18 threaded insert:

Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 310 (Budget Version):

Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 720 (This is the new design of the one I use most often):

Spade drill bit set:

100'' Straight Edge Saw guide:

DEWALT circular saw:

DEWALT impact driver & hammer drill:

DEWALT bit set:

Gorilla glue:

6'' Clamps:

12" Clamps:

Paint Spray Tent:


100'' Straight Edge Saw guide:

DEWALT circular saw:

DEWALT impact driver & hammer drill:

Bosche miter saw:

DEWALT bit set:

Gorilla glue:

6'' Clamps:

12" Clamps:

Delta Table Saw


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Set lights(mainly all that I use)

*Bear Mountain Build things*

Bear Mountain Builds (Free Plans):

7. How to Build a Modern Dining Table--With FLOATING Top

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Grab the plans and step by step tutorial and details here:

In this video, I'm re-creating an old project and building it...better?? I don't know that "better" is totally correct. But, I'm building it DIFFERENT :)

Check out the old table's video here:

We recently sold our home and the buyers wanted my old table...BUT, I really loved the design, so I built myself another one to take with me to the new home. Check out how it came together in this video.

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Some posts you may find helpful in this build:
How to square board edges:
How to build table tops:
Basic Guide to Using a Router:
How to finish raw wood furniture:
Tips for professional looking DIY furniture:

Tools and Materials:
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*Lumber amounts may vary based on the size table you are building (See plans:

(4) 2x10x8 boards (or equivalent of other widths)
(3) 2x4x8 boards (for apron)
(3) 2x6x8 (could use x8 instead of x6 for bigger legs)
Wood Glue
Wood dowels:
Figure 8 tabs to install table top (optional):
⅝″ wood screws (optional):
2 ½″ washer head screws:
Clear Coat:

Circular saw (AccuCut helpful, but not required): &
Miter Saw (optional–can use circ saw for everything if preferred):
Table Saw (optional, but helpful)
Router and straight bit (optional): &
⅜″ forstner bit:
⅝″ forstner bit (optional):
Clamps (various sizes)
Hand Plane:
Belt Sander:
Orbital Sander

8. DIY Dining Table | Mid Century Modern - Woodworking

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This was my first time using white oak in a woodworking project, and I really liked it. For this dining table, I took a different approach with the stretchers, but basically not having one. Instead, I made the upper portion of the leg more robust, and it attaches directly to the underside of the table.



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▸ 8" Jointer w/ Spiral Cutterhead |
▸ 6" Jointer w/ Spiral Cutterhead |
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▸ 2HP Canister Dust Collector |
▸ 1-1/2 HP Dust Collector |
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9. How To Build a HIGH QUALITY Dining Table with LIMITED TOOLS // #DIY // #Woodworking

I recently got a commission from a local client to build a custom Dining Table top for a set of pre-fabricated steel legs they had previously bought on Etsy. I went to my local lumber supplier and got pre-surfaced 1.75" thick white oak to build everything out of. I spent $350 on materials and only used 3 power tools: The circular saw, Drill/Driver, and Belt Sander. "Nice projects don't require tons of tools." This is something I say all the time... practice what you preach.

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Wire Brush: (Amazon)
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10. How to Build a Modern Dining Table for Less Than $100 in Materials

WE GAVE AWAY A DINING TABLE! Even though we were sick halfway through, we had so much fun building this DIY dining table to give away. We have never done a black-stained dining table before, and I gotta say, it's pretty amazing!

Project Plans:

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Woodworking Project Plans


11. a very modern and very large pair of dining tables - 14 seater dining tables

In this video I showcase a pair of beautiful Victorian Ash dining tables I made for the Palmerston Association.

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12. Dining Table Build [PREMIUM WALNUT]

In this video I show you how I built a recent walnut dining room table. Also, check out my buddy Sedge’s YouTube channel.

You can find links to products and tools used in this video below. Some of these links may be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Festool Rail –
Festool MFT –
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Bessey Parallel Clamp –
Bessey Parallel Clamp Extender –
Bessey F Style Clamp –
Festool ETS 125 –
Festool Edge Guide Attachment –
Festool Domino DF500 –
Festool OF 1400 Router –
Festool CT36 Dust Extractor –
Festool T18 E –
Paolini Ruler –
Pica Marking Pencil –
Fast Cap Tape Measure –
Fast Cap Glue Bot –
Dewalt Palm Router –
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13. A Modern Dining Table Built for the Ages

Here is how I go about building a large dining table.

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14. How to Make a Simple Modern Dining Table // With Plans

This time I show how to make a simple modern dining table. This elegant table has a cherry top riding on an X shaped walnut base featuring brass pins!



If you liked this, you'll probably also like my modern sofa!

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15. DIY Modern Dining Table | Woodbrew

This week we are FINALLY building a dining table for Dylan's apartment. I am so in love with how this turned out, it is exactly what I had envisioned. One day it'll be in our home, so I am super happy that it''s so cute.

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Build Article:
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