Outdoor Patio Table Design Plans

Outdoor Patio Table Design Plans

1. How to Build an Easy Outdoor Table that Seats 10!

Recently we took a trip down to my parents house in Florida and one thing they have been missing on the back patio was a table big enough to seat our entire family. We needed enough seats for my family, my brothers family and my parents. Which brings us to 10 seats. I didn't have a bunch of time or the workshop to build a big fancy table so we opted to keep it simple. Even though this table only took a few hours and under $200 to build, we have already gotten a ton of enjoyment out of it and it will be a great place to gather for years to come.

DIY Plans: rogueengineer.com/easy-diy-10-person-outdoor-table-plans/

Kreg XL Pocket Hole Jig: amzn.to/3OttUJy
Kreg XL Pocket Screws: kregtool.com/shop/pocket-hole-joinery/pocket-hole-screws-plugs/xl-pocket-hole-screws/SMLXLSCREWS.html

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2. DIY Outdoor Patio Table Build (free dimensions included)

Check out this easy to build DIY outdoor patio table I made using treated lumber!

*Tools used in this video* (amazon affiliate)
Dewalt drills: amzn.to/2O1O6ZI
Dewalt random orbital sander: amzn.to/3osPxwr

Dewalt miter saw: amzn.to/39oR2Y7
Diablo fine tooth miter saw blade: amzn.to/3sfFnSB
K4 Kreg Jig: amzn.to/3oq5fbt
Speed square: amzn.to/3oJryJj
Irwin 24” clamps: amzn.to/2NpFRWv
Jorgensen clamps: amzn.to/3j3FEnO
Central Machinery 2 HP dust collector: amzn.to/3tYrbON
GoPro Hero 8 Black: amzn.to/3idfFvh

Materials used:
Treated pine 2x6x6 (x1)
Treated pine 1x4x10 (x3)
1.25" outdoor construction screws (I used Power Pro brand)
1.75" outdoor construction screws (again, Power Pro brand)

Cut list:
** I strongly recommend cutting everything one piece at a time in the order of this video rather than cutting everything first. Your measurements may slightly differ than mine**

Legs: cut a 2x6" board to 20" (x2), then rip each in half

Leg supports: cut a 2x6" board to 17" (x2), then rip in half

Top border: cut a 1x4" board to 21.5" (x2) and 20" (x2)

Top slats: cut a 1x4" board 22.5" long (x6)

Bottom shelf slats: cut a 1x4" board to 21.5" (x4)

Thanks for watching! Check out some of my other videos and find me on Instagram (MMCC_Woodshop). This was filmed with a GoPro Hero 8 Black and edited in iMovie.

**DISCLAIMER** The following content is for entertainment purposes only. Woodworking and using power tools can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. YOU (the viewer) are fully responsible for understanding proper use of tools, as well as the safety features of each. I highly suggest reading the owners manual and/or watching how-to videos on the tools. I (MMCC_Woodshop) am not responsible nor liable for any injury, death, or handing of the tools you may use, nor do I assume to display the proper handing of as a demonstration. Please use extreme caution when working with any power tools. - Matt

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3. DIY full size outdoor dining table and chair set

Why build a DIY outdoor dining table and chairs?

If you’re struggling to find the perfect outdoor table on a budget that fits well with your patio and deck, why not build it yourself?

As the weather heats up and more time is spent outdoors, its important to have a space to entertain guests and bring people together. This beautiful garden dining table and chair set invites guests and family members to gather for a meal together.

The full-size outdoor dining table and chair set seats 6-8

The DIY chair

When designing the outdoor dining chair, I decided to use thinner 2x3s to reduce the bulky look that a lot of DIY furniture has. This makes the chair look more minimalistic, clean, and professional.

The slight incline of the chair makes sitting more comfortable and relaxing. With an incline it was very important that the design of the chair allows for the piece to slide under the table for a comfortable dinning experience as well.

The chair is decked with thinner 1 inch lumber pieces that feature slats to allows for proper water draining in rainy weather.

Lastly, my goal with the design of this chair was to make it very easy to build. The joints are simple and easy for anyone to work with. The angles of the chair are also easy to cut and assemble if you follow my step-by-step plans. This is a great build for anyone who is new to woodworking.

The DIY table

The table in this outdoor dining set is made from common 2×4’s, 2×6’s, and 4×4’s. My goal with this design was to make sure that its sturdy and can handle some real weight.

I used 2×6’s for the frame of the table. The 2×6 was a great option as it allows for the table legs to be attached in several places and be reinforced better then with 2×4’s alone. I did add 2×4’s around the perimeter of the frame to conceal the many screw holes, and to decrease the look of bulkiness that I would get with 2×6’s.

The table also features an umbrella hole in the center that is reinforced by the table frame. The table umbrella hole is optional but can be great if the table is going to stand in a sunny area where you would need some shade and cover.

Using wood for the build gives the dining table and chairs a warm and natural look. I love the grain variation that I can get with wood.

Table décor and setup can change based on season and mood to vary the style and allows for the table to be used year-round.

DIY plans available:



4. How to make a patio table. This outdoor table is easy to build!

Download my FREE GUIDE to setting up a shop for under $1000 ►► mytoollist.com/

Just in time for summer, here's a wood patio table you can make in a weekend. I made mine out of redwood, but you could make this out of pine boards from the home center too.

More info and free plans:
Equip your woodworking shop for under $1,000: theweekendwoodworker.com/tww-...

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5. Easy Outdoor Dining Table Build Plus Plans.  #woodworking

Finally full set of plans for this table and a few of my other project video builds available here

Thanks for watching everybody

6. Easy DIY Outdoor Table - Budget Friendly and Beautiful!

How to easily build a DIY outdoor table that's budget friendly and beautiful! This DIY outdoor dining table matches our DIY outdoor furniture set!

• Outdoor Chairs - rstyle.me/+ZAt8JN2UaxdVaYvT0FM2OA
• More Budget Friendly Outdoor Chair Options - liketk.it/3EAdf
• Furniture Cover - rstyle.me/+L9V8ov3LbrCTZfbvdkmdMw

This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

• Kreg Screws (weather resistant) - amzn.to/3MRe9LE
• Waterproof Wood Glue - amzn.to/3xnTDLL
• Kreg Jig - amzn.to/3seaaAY OR rstyle.me/+w5_gTBG5zwupoUzSZI0ooQ
• Miter Saw - amzn.to/2sxxyZQ
• Drill - amzn.to/2tkphxB
• Clamps (optional) - amzn.to/2HVqDT1
• Speed square (optional) - amzn.to/2w08d0R
• Hole Saw - amzn.to/3yccOLk

• youtu.be/X6Se4DXGFSs
• youtu.be/NpTHWfLDoX0

• angelamariemade.com/farmhouse-table-diy-with-removable-legs/


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7. Outdoor Dining Table With Matching Benches | Free Woodworking Project Plan

Learn how to build an outdoor dining table with coordinating benches out of 2x8s and 4x4s!

▸ Check out the free woodworking plan for this project at learn.kregtool.com/plans/outdoor-dining-table-with-matching-benches/

Thank you to Mike Montgomery for partnering with us on this project. Visit his YouTube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCIxAaCJ84uefATKmazDyIj

▸ Kreg® Pocket-Hole Jig XL kregtool.com/shop/pocket-hole-joinery/pocket-hole-jigs/kreg-pocket-hole-jig-xl/KPHJ920.html
▸ Kreg Portable Crosscut kregtool.com/shop/cutting/circular-saw-cutting/portable-crosscut/KMA4000.html
▸ Kreg Wood Project Clamp - 6" kregtool.com/shop/clamping/clamps/wood-project-clamp---6/KHC6.html
▸ Kreg Track Horse kregtool.com/shop/workspace/work-supports/track-horse/KWS500.html
▸ Kreg Straight Edge Guide kregtool.com/shop/cutting/circular-saw-cutting/straight-edge-guide/KMA4500.html
▸ Kreg Right Angle Clamp kregtool.com/search?q=KHCRA&search-button=&lang=en_US
▸ Drill & Driver
▸ Circular Saw
▸ Orbital Sander

*Shop all Kreg tools at kregtool.com/shop

▸ (5) Pine Boards, 2"x8"x8'
▸ (5) Pine Boards, 4"x4"x8'

▸ 2 1/2" XL Pocket-Hole Screws kregtool.com/shop/pocket-hole-joinery/pocket-hole-screws-plugs/xl-pocket-hole-screws/SMLXLSCREWS.html
▸ 4" XL Pocket-Hole Screws kregtool.com/shop/pocket-hole-joinery/pocket-hole-screws-plugs/xl-pocket-hole-screws/SMLXLSCREWS.html
▸ Wood Glue
▸ Wood Filler
▸ Finish Of Choice
▸ Wood Penetrating Oil For Finishing

▸ Website: kregtool.com/
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8. Building a Farmhouse Outdoor Table w/ Trex Top

Sturdy outdoor table made from dimensional lumber and Trex decking.

Free plans: imgur.com/a/NbAwdye

4 4x4 8ft
5 2x4 8ft
3 16ft Trex Enhance grooved edge
3 8ft Trex Enhance square edge
Trex hidden fasteners
Trex color match face screws
2 1/2” construction screws
2 1/2” Kreg pocket hole screws
Kreg Pocket hole plugs
Deck joist tape
Adjustable outdoor furniture feet
Black minwax stain
Water based spar urethane

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9. Easy DIY Outdoor Dining Table With Benches, Stools (and build plans!)

How to build a DIY Outdoor Table with matching benches and individual Cube Stools!
Build Plans for the Table & Benches: bit.ly/3KbfE9h
Build Plans for the Cube Stools: bit.ly/cubestoolplans

Find all my build plans here: bit.ly/3BQhp4X

More of my DIY videos!
House Projects: bit.ly/3h6bml2
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Things I used in this video:
Mobile Workbench: bit.ly/31zGvYJ
Miter Saw: amzn.to/2pxpyeu
TotalBoat Epoxy: bit.ly/3lJrHRu
TotalBoat Slow Hardener: bit.ly/42GjoGH
Orbital Sander: amzn.to/3FBuFhJ
Large Pocket Hole Jig: amzn.to/3yAK2Dp
Small Pocket Hole Jig: amzn.to/2USh1yP
Wood Glue: amzn.to/3dzGcyv
Rubber Furniture Feet: amzn.to/3g3z8em
Biscuit Joiner: amzn.to/2U6uHDV
Biscuits: amzn.to/3ZbjBPv
Table Top Fasteners: amzn.to/405cDMD
Track Saw: amzn.to/2EdPKCa
Circular Saw: amzn.to/3mVg3U8
Jigsaw: amzn.to/2TWrxbH
Corner Clamp: amzn.to/42bmdzk
Corner Doweling Jig: amzn.to/3LHDw5m
Extended Length Bit (for the jig): bit.ly/3JXyuk2
Flush Trim Saw: amzn.to/39mnxod
TotalBoat Wood Sealer: bit.ly/3FRQZ6R (discount with this link!)
TotalBoat Halcyon: bit.ly/40cmkJR (discount with this link!)

Tools I Use: bit.ly/3kBgOgP

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Erin Longfellow
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00:00 Introduction
00:14 Table Base
03:01 Table Top
06:12 Benches
06:42 Cube Stools
10:07 Applying Finish
10:47 Bench Supports
11:27 All Done!

I'm Erin Longfellow and I'm a maker, DIY'er, builder, designer and content creator. My goal is to help you learn that you too can build or DIY what I make, or anything you need, with easily accessible tools and materials. On this channel you're going to find different builds and designs with a modern emphasis that are DIY friendly, mostly through woodworking, metalworking, construction and home renovations. Be sure to subscribe and enable all notifications! And thanks for watching!
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10. DIY Outdoor Dining Table | Affordable 10 Foot Table

This rustic DIY 10 foot table is perfect for both inside and outside your home. Customize the measurements to fit your space as we walk you through this affordable tutorial.

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11. DIY Fire Pit Table Build | Outdoor Furniture

Building a custom DIY patio fire pit table!

Fire Table Build Plans - johnbuildsit.com/plans/p/patio-fire-table-build-plans
Patio Chair Build plans - johnbuildsit.com/plans/p/patio-furniture-build-plans
Check out all my other plans! - johnbuildsit.com/plans
JH Circular saw shaped push sticks - johnbuildsit.com/products/p/table-saw-push-stick

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Fire Pit Pan Insert - amzn.to/46uwp8q
Horizontal Propane Tank - amzn.to/3XA77l4
Glass Fire Rocks - amzn.to/46AX3ML
Deep Seat Cushions - homedepot.sjv.io/Pyz5KX
Quikcrete Charcoal Liquid Color - amzn.to/449sCf3
Plastic Flat Shims - amzn.to/3pwPA0F
4’x8’ Bora Centipede Work Table - amzn.to/3uN1h11
Milwaukee Track Saw Kit - homedepot.sjv.io/6bBEVK
Milwaukee 18g Brad Nailer - homedepot.sjv.io/A4Lkx
Freud Forstner Bit Set - amzn.to/3MAGecZ
Bosch Mixer Drill - amzn.to/3NXU1Lt
Milwaukee M12 Drill & Impact Set - homedepot.sjv.io/5b9mz9
JessEm TS Stock Guides - amzn.to/43vWvq3
Freud Glue Line Rip Blade - amzn.to/3FGGjbA
Kreg Pocket Hole Jig - amzn.to/3kFTnXc
Sola Big Red Level - amzn.to/46Je5sm
Dustopper Dust Separator - homedepot.sjv.io/0J2zVO
Delta Dust Collector - amzn.to/3e2ZYF6 or homedepot.sjv.io/LPa9qV
Delta Cruzer 12" Miter Saw - amzn.to/3VJH2hW
Dewalt Sander - amzn.to/2HuKJXX or homedepot.sjv.io/JgDev
Pastic nail-in feet - amzn.to/3pNMPIf
Gluebot bottle - amzn.to/3ETsN3w
Titebond Wood Glue - homedepot.sjv.io/BMAeB or amzn.to/2TnYIke
Outdoor Defense Oil - amzn.to/42JKk8o

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I flew all the way to Canada to hangout with my friend DIY Danie & help her build an outdoor dining table in ONE DAY! This Buddy Build was SO much fun – and it went by so fast that we were able to build ANOTHER project in the same weekend! You can check that one out here:

Weekend warriors, grab your buddies and start building!

This project is sponsored by my AMAZING friends at DAP Products. You can check out their website here: dap.com

»»»» D I Y D A N I E

Check our other ONE DAY build on DIY Danie’s channel: youtu.be/6zAnyW8YIr4
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** Pro Tip: When working with any type of filler material, be sure to always test the stain/application before applying to the project for best result!

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»»»» C H A P T E R S

00:00–01:55: I’m In Canada!
01:56-04:10: Project Planning Fun
04:11-05:09: Building The Table Top
05:10-05:58: Building The Table Base
05:59-06:53: Attaching The Table Top
06:54-08:07: Adding Supports & Accents
08:08-09:52: Small Details & Trimming The Table
09:52-10:16: Knot Repair & Sanding
10:17-12:28: Staining & Finishing The Table
12:29-15:09: THE BIG REVEAL!

»»»» F O L L O W M E

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13. Build Your Own 2x4 Outdoor Side Table

Easy to build 2x4 outdoor end table plans. Free plans for matching sofa, sectional and chairs as well. ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/collections/2x4-outdoor-collection

14. Patio and Pool Decor Ideas | Outdoor Oasis | Patio bar ideas

Backyard | Patio Backyard Ideas

Hello everyone,

This is a unboxing for some aponsored items for the patio as well as an update on the progress of the backyard since my last video back here It you like this video, please gove It a thumbs up and feel free to comment and share

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❣️Patio Umbrella Fruiteam

❣️ VIVOHOME Outdoor Rattan Drinks Bar Trolley With Ice Bucket And Storage Compartments: Bit.ly/3wnMqK7
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❣️Beverage Hats | Glass Covers

🎨Back Door Color
Urbane Bronze

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15. DIY Patio Table (with Trex decking)! | Plans Available!

Hey everyone, this week I'm going to walk you through how I made this DIY Patio Table with matching benches for only $350! This is a super DIY-friendly project, so don't be shy!

As requested - plans are now available on my etsy page, go check them out!

Be sure to check me out on Instagram @DonnyGrahamBuilds for all the behind the scenes clips/headaches. - instagram.com/donnygrahambuilds/

Materials List:
- Treated 2x4x8s - Qty7
- Treated 4x4x8s - Qty 3
- Trex Decking Boards, 8 ft (toasted sand color) - Qty 9
- Brown Trex Decking Screws - Qty 2 boxes
- Exterior-rated Pocket Hole Screws, 1 box of 1.25" 1 box of 2.5"
- Stainless Steel threaded inserts 1/4" - Qty 8
- Stainless Steel washers 1/4" (1 bag)
- Stainless Steel 1/4 -20, 2" bolts - Qty 8
- Sherwin-Williams Black Tricon Exterior Rated Paint - 1 gl

Affiliate Links:
- Outdoor string lights: amzn.to/3kd3rnz
- Outdoor string light hanging kit: amzn.to/397Z9Hm
- Exterior-rated Pocket Hole Screws, 1 box of 1.25" 1 box of 2.5" : amzn.to/37Z1BDg & amzn.to/39yzNGf
- Stainless Steel threaded inserts 1/4" - Qty 8 : amzn.to/3yQZnkn
- Stainless Steel washers 1/4" (1 bag) : amzn.to/3lo1B2M
- Stainless Steel 1/4 -20, 2" bolts - Qty 8 : amzn.to/3sJxJSo
- Brown Trex Decking Screws - Qty 2 boxes : amzn.to/3wsxpd0

All the music in this video can be found at:

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