Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Canada

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Canada

1. DIY Farmhouse Dining Table w/ Epoxy Inlays Using Reclaimed Barnwood

This week I show you how to build a DIY farmhouse dining table using reclaimed barn wood lumber, featuring epoxy inlays. My friends asked me to build them a Parsons style table, and I came up with the idea to use reclaimed lumber, and pour pigmented epoxy into the voids. Let me know what you think about this DIY farmhouse table. Thanks!

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East Coast 1:1 Epoxy:
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1. Gold Rush

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2. Building Live Edge Tables! Start To Finish

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What a treat it was to be able to build these tables for my clients. Being able to take a tree that my client frank had spent his whole life watching grow and turn it into furniture that he can pass on to his children was everything you would hope and expect it to be.

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3. Reclaimed Oak Extension Dining Table // How To Build - Woodworking / Welding

Check out the Wood Whisperer Guild project here: In this video, I built a Parsons-Style Extension Dining Table out of reclaimed Oak and steel. Check out Powermatic's full line of power tools here :

Learn more about my Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210 MP Welder here :

The base was constructed from readily-available steel tubing, and the top was made from reclaimed lumber and features an extension mechanism that will allow the top to expand 36 1/2” with the addition of two leaves, all without moving the base.

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📦 Materials Used On The (affiliate):

Epoxy :
Wood Finish :
Plastic Metal Plugs :
Extension Slides :,43586,43594&ap=1
Black HDPE :
10-24 Flat Machine Head Screws (for installing HDPE strips) :
10-24 Round Head Screws (for installing extension slides) :
#8 Lock Washers (used with the extension slide bolts) :
Cutting Fluid :
1 ¼" Spax screws (20 in total) :

🛠 Tools Used On The (affiliate):

Planer :
Jointer :
Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210 MP Welder :
Table Saw :
Metal Detector :
Festool Domino :
Parallel Clamps :
Drill Press :
Random Orbit Sander :
Router :
HVLP System :
Countersink Bit :
Depth Stop Collar and 5/16" Drill Bit :
Metal Cutting Saw :
Angle Grinder :
Flap Discs :
Center Punch :
Drill and Tap Bit :





4. Rustic Wood Dining Table with Metal Legs Designs

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5. How to Keep Slab Tables Flat — How To Woodworking

How I make and inlay Canadian Woodworks style steel C-channel supports in my live edge slab tables. These supports will keep large live edge tables flat, while allowing for expansion and contraction through the seasons. These also work well for adding strength to barn doors.

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6. How to Build A Walnut Dining Table (BYOT #23)

This BYOT DIY project is all about how to build a Black American Walnut dining room table from start to finish. From cutting, plaining, sanding, and finishing. Step by step tutorial on how to do it. Part 2 and the finished product can be seen here: Using Arm-R-Seal Oil & Urethane Topcoat took this project to the next level and with normal woodworking tools takes this project to the next level compared to other woodworking projects. There's plenty of Handwork involved on this project but its all worth it in the end. Bring Your Own Tools (BYOTools #23).

BOLD Mfg. Table Legs:

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Material List:
-Black American Walnut
-Arm-R-Seal Oil & Urethane
-Sheet Plastic
-Painters Tape
-Wood Filler
-Paint Thinner
-Sand Paper
-Cotton cloth

Tool List:
-Table Saw
-Feather Board:
-Push Stick
-Tape Measure
-Pipe Clamp
-Quick Clamps
-Bar Clamps
-Glue Roller
-Circular Saw
-Hand Plane
-Shop Vac
-Orbital Sander
-Cheese Cloth
-Foam Brush
-Sanding Pads

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7. Industrial Rustic Dining Table and Bench

Industrial rustic dining table (37.5" x 74" x 30") with matching bench (13" x 74" x 18"). Used reclaimed wood with tons of characteristics and markings. Legs were made using 1" x 3" tubular steel with a clear coat finish leaving the natural, industrial look.
Artefact Decor, Montreal, Canada
[email protected]

8. Urban Barn — Fairmont Dining Collection

A little country, a little rustic and a whole lotta charming, the Fairmont Dining Collection always welcomes with a place at the table and a bottle of wine in the cupboard.

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9. Barn Board in a Box - Installation Video

Time lapse video of a basic installation of Barn Board in a Box feature wall and cladding product - available at

Nothing matches the unique appearance of our 100% authentic reclaimed Canadian Barn Board. The character and patina of these boards can only come from decades of exposure to Canada's harsh four season climate.

These are not new boards that have been stained - they have been reclaimed from old agricultural building across Ontario and Quebec.

They are perfect for creating accent walls in a residential or commercial setting. They can also be used for cladding kitchen islands, doors, cupboards and many other uses.

Barn Board in a Box comes with three colour options - Grey, Brown and Mixed Grey / Brown. As always with reclaimed wood - there will be variation in the tones of boards even in the same box - this is part of the charm of the material.

Widths of the boards are typically 2, 3, 4 and 5 inches. Lengths of boards in the box will vary from 12 to 48 inches long.

Thickness of the boards is approximately 3/8 of an inch.

Easy to install as a DIY project - the boards have been straight edged for easy installation (see installation instruction in each box)

Proudly made in Canada with 100% Reclaimed Wood

Buy with confidence from an industry leader for over 10 years.

10. Rate This Epic White & Blue Resin Waterfall Desk! | Rustic Designs By Rich #shorts

Griff & Rich from Rustic Designs pour an epic white & blue resin waterfall desk... let us know what you think! #shorts

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Instagram: @rustic_designs_by_rich

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11. Making a Rustic Wood Table for My Off Grid Log Cabin | Cabin Life Again, Finally!

It's a busy, productive week at my off grid log cabin as I transform the interior from a construction zone into a comfortable living space, including the addition of this rustic pine table I made for the dining area.
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12. Industrial Dining Table and Bench

Reclaimed Wood Industrial Dining Table and Bench
Artefact Decor, Montreal, Canada
[email protected]

13. FABULOUS !! Farmhouse Tables Made From Reclaimed Lumber & Pallets

This video is from The Provincer Woodworks & Manufacturing Company in Eastern Canada, highlighting custom furniture and other projects, we have created out of pallets and other types of reclaimed lumber, for our customers , over a number of years. We will also be posting videos of many types pallets projects, such as rustic and primitive style crafts along with folk art, and decor. You will see everything from kitchen islands, bedroom furniture, coffee tables, dining tables and more. Everything we build starts out as raw material destined for the landfill, we have made it our mission to give these reclaimed materials a second life, as heirloom quality furniture, using simple construction techniques, to make our creations earth friendly, affordable and beautiful at the same time.

14. J&S Reclaimed Wood Custom Furniture Wood Furniture in Vancouver for cabinetry and fixtures

Whatever you're looking for your wood furniture, cabinetry and fixtures, you can find it all in J&S Reclaimed Wood Custom Furniture

J&S Reclaimed Wood Custom Furniture
Unit 43 1640 East Kent Ave. South Vancouver Canada V5P 2S7

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15. Rustic Recycled wood dining table

We offer stunning Small to Large Reclaimed wood Dining Tables. Our reclaimed dining tables are completely Sustainable products making use of old timber for products making use of old timber for the eco conscious. Visit us online at for more information.

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