Traditional Method Making

Traditional Method Making

1. Making Traditional Method Sparkling

Making traditional method sparkling wine is a labor of love taking years. Next time you pop a bottle of champagne, you'll appreciate more what went into it!

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2. Wine making with oldest traditional method / Homemade Georgian Wine

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Wine making with oldest traditional method (Georgia)
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3. How are traditional method sparkling wines made

Simply put, sparkling wine is a wine that has bubbles! Although there are different techniques for creating sparkling wines, some of the best-known, such as Champagne and Cava, are made by a process known as the traditional method.

In the final episode of our 3 Minute Wine School Series, we explain how bubbles are captured in the bottle...

- Episode 01: How do vines grow?
- Episode 02: What is the lifecycle of a vine?
- Episode 03: Why is oak used in winemaking?
- Episode 04: What makes a good vintage?
- Episode 05: How does geography affect a wine's style?
- Episode 06: What determines the colour of a wine?

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4. Ancient Georgian traditional Qvevri wine-making method

UNESCO: Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - 2013
Description: Qvevri wine-making takes its name from the distinctive egg-shaped earthenware vessel -- the Qvevri -- in which wine is fermented and stored in villages and towns throughout Georgia. The tradition plays a vital role in everyday life and celebrations, and forms an inseparable part of the cultural identity of Georgian communities, with wine and vines frequently evoked in Georgian oral traditions and songs. Knowledge of this heritage is passed down by families, neighbours and friends, all of whom join in the communal harvesting and wine-making activities.
Country(ies): Georgia
© Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, 2012
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5. Agile or Traditional: Pick Your Winning Strategy

This video dissects the key elements of Agile and Traditional project management frameworks. Learn the strengths and limitations of each, so you can make an informed decision on which methodology best suits your team's needs and project goals.

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6. Method1:Traditional method of making butter from milk

Process of making butter from milk.

Process of making butter using blender


7. Traditional Method Of Making Wine Yeast | How To Make Wine Yeast At Home

Traditional Method Of Making Wine Yeast | How To Make Wine Yeast At Home.
In this video, you will see how Nagas use to make wine and beer yeast starter using herbs, grass, park, and leaves. this recipe is not my own, it is a traditional methods practices by our forefathers. hope you guys enjoy watching, thank you.

Disclaimer :
This video does not sell or promote any products related to Alcohol, it is for the purpose of sharing knowledge of my traditions and for entertainment. And this channel do not guaranteed about the leaves and herbs uses in this video due to similarity, the same looks and colors.
the content owner is not responsible for any causes or damage. for any further practice or experiments can be held by their own risk.

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8. Old and Traditional method of making Flour | Go gurez

Old and Traditional method of making Flour | Go gurez

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The traditional method of making flour involves a process known as milling, which has been practiced for centuries. Here is a description of the old and traditional method of making flour:

Harvesting: The process begins with the harvesting of grains such as wheat, corn, rice, or rye, depending on the type of flour desired. These grains are typically grown in agricultural fields.

Threshing: After harvesting, the grains are separated from their stalks and husks through a process called threshing. This can be done by beating the harvested crop or using tools like flails to separate the edible grains.It's worth noting that modern industrial methods of flour production have largely replaced the traditional manual methods due to their efficiency and scale. However, the old and traditional method described above offers insights into the historical practices and craftsmanship involved in making flour from scratch.It's worth noting that modern industrial methods of flour production have largely replaced the traditional manual methods due to their efficiency and scale. However, the old and traditional method described above offers insights into the historical practices and craftsmanship involved in making flour from scratch.

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9. traditional method to make butter milk

10. How To Make Vedic Ghee I Traditional Bilona Method I

In this video we show you how Ghee is made in the traditional Vedic way, using the Bilona method. Milk is first set into curd This is then churned to get butter. Ghee is obtained by heating the butter and filtering it.

In this video we take you on our tour to Gir GauJatan Sansthan in Gondal, Gujarat. This is run by Shri Ramesh Ruparelia. His is a success story of how he grew from a farm labourer to owner of many acres of agricultural land as well as 250 cows.
He specialises in organic farming where no chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used.Also he has developed indigenous cow breeds for A2 milk and dairy products.
He has turned it into a profitable business venture and now exports nearly 140 dairy, by-products(such as anaerobic fertilisers) and agro products worldwide.

Mobile: +91 94081 40329, 87587 34002
Mon – Sat: 9.30 AM to 5.45 PM

Disclaimer: This video is for information purpose only.All opinions expressed here are independent views of the respective owners.Viewers are advised to use their discretion .This channel encourages you to contact the owners directly for your dealings.


11. Biochar series: Making Biochar through traditional Method

Bio Charcoal, with the dawn of the century, has become a focal point in improving soil and enriching it with its unique characteristics and immense potential and application to being highly beneficial to farmers, even in areas that lack optimum soil fertility, pH levels, and adsorption capacities. It has also become a crucial point of research in multiple disciplines as the need for soil enrichment has become urgent in today’s scenario.

In this video, we can see how we can make Biochar ourselves through the traditional method of Soil cover.

Soil cover Method:

Cut logs to heights of 3 to 4 feet.
Arrange them around in the form of a circular pyre
Cover grass around the pyre.
Mix red soil with water and apply it around the pile in a thick paste. Make holes in the bottom around the pyre.
Lit fire on the top.
In about 4 hours Biochar would be ready.

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12. How is Champagne Made | The Traditional Champagne Method

What makes champagne so special? The ‘traditional method’ or 'Méthode Champenoise'! It is a unique set of winemaking rules developed in the late 17th century. It includes the fascinating ‘secondary fermentation’ inside the bottle to make the wine sparkle, plus a long and carefully monitored maturation period, with a bit of ‘riddling’ and ‘disgorging’ too! Sounds complex? Watch the video to make it easier to understand:

13. Old And Traditional Method To Make Cassava Garri In Nigeria|Ghana

We are the manufacture of the cassava garri machine in China,we have the whole production line to make the cassava garri,which is include the washer,peeler,grater,dewater,sive,fryer and packing machine. The working efficient is very high.

And we will also help you extract the cassava starch from the waste after the cassava garri,it will not waste anything.

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14. Methode Champenoise - The Traditional Method of Making Sparkling Wine

Methode Champenoise is the traditional method of making the highest quality sparkling wine like they've done for centuries in the Champagne region of France. Watch as Penny Gadd-Coster, lead winemaker at Rack & Riddle, walks us through this fascinating process.

15. How a Master Potter Makes Giant Kimchi Pots Using the Traditional Method — Handmade

Jin-Gyu learned the ancient art of onggi pot-making from his parents. Today, he is the youngest of about 20 people left in Korea who are certified to properly recreate traditional Korean onggi, a process which requires intense physical labor and adherence to traditional guidelines. The pots are used to hold kimchi, soy bean paste, red pepper paste, and other foods that require air to ferment, which the clay — made from Korean rain water, plants, and mountain soil — provides.

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